laura palma marambio

Flux of Light: Development of a framework for OER Platform to Support and Guide the Incorporation of Luminescent Materials in the Product Design Field.

Within the context of the digital era, materials have been posed as channels to convey information in products. Smart materials, such as luminescent ones, are stimuli-responsive materials, distinguished for their capacity to engage in complex sensorial dialogue with the user through the qualities and characteristics of the light they can emit. Nowadays, the demands of the era provide designers with the necessity to understand the full spectrum of properties of this kind of materials, distinguishing their potentialities to guide and support their incorporation into novel experience-oriented products.

This work describes the foundation and structure of a decision-making Open Educational Resource platform aimed to facilitate the selection and information spread of luminescent materials for product designers under both functional and hedonic means.

For such an aim, the database framework has been constructed through a combination of methods, considering the results obtained from several luminescent project case studies, material database analysis, and users’ involvement questionnaires.



Luminescent materials

Product experience

Material selection