design for recycling guidelines for paper and board packaging

The research activity with CONAI (Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi) provided for the definition and drafting of guidelines that could facilitate the recycling chain of paper and cardboard products. The activity saw as interlocutors important companies operating in the packaging world and the visit of plants for the selection and recycling of cellulose-based packaging.

The document deals at first with the Italian and European regulatory framework, then moving on to the definition of the main types of packaging and the description of the recycling chain, through the phases of collection, selection and recycling in the paper mill. From these steps it was possible to determine the criticalities and consequently the guidelines, widely described in the fourth section. Finally, the document presents guidelines and references to international bodies that have already published similar documents, underlining their differences and similarities.

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Politecnico di Milano, Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering "Giulio Natta"



04-2019 / 07-2020