Romina Santi

Polypaper. Un materiale composito per packaging ad alta sostenibilità ambientale, trasformabile attraverso le tecnologie tradizionali di lavorazione dei polimeri, ottenuto da fibra di cellulosa riciclata e riciclabile nella filiera carta, cartone

The project concerns the development of a composite material that combines high performance with high sustainability. Its name is Poly-Paper and the idea is to combine the productive versatility of plastics and the recyclability of paper. Poly-Paper has been developed for mono-material packaging solutions, as it can be processed through extrusion, injection molding, thermoforming and can be disposed with paper for waste collection. Thanks to its composition, made of a water-soluble bioplastic matrix and cellulose fibers reinforcement for the 51% (w/w), Poly-Paper is also degradable in water and therefore perfect for answer to emerging environmental issues such as of marine litter.


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